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Archive for 'Injury Reporting (8 CCR section 342)'

Reporting Workplace Injuries and Illnesses to Cal/OSHA

Employers have to report workplace accidents and injuries to OSHA, whether Cal/OSHA, Fed/OSHA or another state’s OSHA, within 8 hours of knowing that an injury or illness is “serious.” Let’s look at what that means.

The First Responder’s Dilemma Part II

In the last episode of the First Responder’s Dilemma we learned that Cal/OSHA is now penalizing first responders as “employers” for failure to report serious injures encountered during accident response calls as required by Title 8 CCR section 342(b). We left you wondering if first responders have a duty to follow an injury to determine […]

The First Responder’s Dilemma: Part I:

The Orange County Fire Authority has had a bad couple of years, OSHA-wise.  Since March 15, 2011, the agency has been cited for at least six alleged violations of the reporting rule found at Title 8 Code of California Regulations section 342(b).  This is the public agency counterpart to the employer’s duty found in section […]