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Defining the Great Outdoors

What does “outdoors” mean?  As the guardian of a new puppy, the definition is very clear to me, if not yet to her. The Division does not see it so clearly.  In 2007, it cited AC Transit for violations of the heat illness prevention regulation (Title 8 CCR 3395).  Specifically, the Division alleged that the […]

New Cal/OSHA Appeals Board Rules Effective July 1, 2013

The Cal/OSHA Appeals Board has adopted new procedural rules which will take effect on July 1st. Here are some highlights: Expedited Proceedings: The following is copied from a letter received from the Board: “When each Appeal Form reaches the Board, we review the contents to see if the appeal qualifies for Expedited Proceeding, that is: the citation appealed is […]

Reporting Serious Injuries to Cal/OSHA: An Update

California employer advocate Lisa Prince discusses Cal/OSHA injury reporting mandates

New Chair of The Cal/OSHA Appeals Board: Art Carter

The Queen is … well, not dead, but deposed. Long live the King! What a turn-around! From expired Member to Chair in less than a week. Governor Jerry Brown’s decision to elevate Carter was not a surprise – you can’t be vilified by both Cal/OSHA and the unions and expect to remain Queen of the […]